Force Free Dog Training for Visalia, Tulare and the South Valley
Positive Reinforcement... Positive Results!


Focused Dog and Certified Dog Trainer Matt White offers affordable dog training and consultation at your home.  Whether you're in need of help in overcoming certain problem behaviors, or you desire basic manners or trick training, we can help!  

We also offer online training and phone consultations. This can be beneficial for those that live outside the Visalia area or have a question that can be answered over the phone.  We can even utilize Skype if you prefer! 

As a graduate of the Animal Behavior College I would describe myself as a dog-friendly, reward-based, force-free dog trainer.  The Focused Dog training technique teaches dogs that obedience and other desirable behaviors earn him things he likes. (Treats, toys, petting and praise)  The primary motivation for your dog will be earning a reward as opposed to avoiding punishment. I don't believe you need force or pain to train.  My goal is to teach you to use things your dog likes as a way of rewarding him whenever he does something you like. This will serve to motivate you and your dog, without causing confusion or stress.  It’s a great deal of fun too!  

I'm a member of the Pet Professional Guild. Members, such as myself, agree to a strict code of conduct.  We believe that force-free means:  No shock, No pain, No choke, No fear, No physical force, No physical molding, No compulsion based methods are employed to train or care for a pet.


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Matt with his wife, Sherri, daughter Kendal, and Stella and Tessa.

Matt with his wife, Sherri, daughter Kendal, and Stella and Tessa.

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